Hyundai Blue-Will PHEV concept

Hyundai concept car

The Hyundai Blue-Willis Hyundai’s first ever plug-in hybrid (PHEV).
This is a strong parallel hybrid system, meaning it’s capable of driving the vehicle under electric power alone, use the internal combustion or a combination of both. The first production applications will find their way into the Korean market Elantra LPI hybrid and the Sonata hybrid that debuts late this year.

For the PHEV version, the electric motor/generator is increased in size from 30 kW on the Sonata to 100 kW, which should allow it to operate under electric power pretty much throughout its operating range. Hyundai doesn’t say how big the lithium ion polymer battery pack is, however, the automaker claims the Blue-Will can go 40 miles on an single electric charge.

In addition to the hybrid hardware, which can provide start-stop capability for the engine and regenerative braking, the concept also features a thermal electric generator. This is designed to convert the heat energy of the exhaust gases into electrical energy to be stored in the battery. The engine is a direct injected version of Hyundai’s 1.6-liter Gamma inline-four with 152 horsepower
Expect it to arrive sometime late next year

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