Fiat Panda Van, coming soon, new cars on market

Fiat Panda Van coming soon

The Italian automaker Fiat has announced the van version of the Panda which is scheduled to go on sale pretty soon in Italy where it will have a starting price of 8,850 Euros. As you probably have figured out, this new model is based on the standard Panda and adopts a familiar styling with uniquely shaped rear windows and a more prominent front fascia. The cheaper versions of the Panda Van will get black bumpers while the more expensive ones will come with body-colored bumpers..
The customer has the possibility of ordering the interior cabin without the rear bench, thus allowing the Panda Van’s cargo compartment to offer 35.3 cubic ft. (1000 liters) of luggage capacity. We should also mention the so-called “easy floor” which will provide the car with a flat loading surface as well as under floor storage. An optional feature available for the Panda Van is the removable luggage compartment light which can be used as a regular flashlight that can be recharged.

There will be only two power units available at launch for the Fiat Panda Van, including a 1.2-liter Fire unit with 68 hp (69 PS / 51 kW) and 75 lb.-ft (102 Nm) of torque, along with a more frugal 1.3-liter Multijet which is capable of producing 74 hp (75 PS / 55 kW) and 140 lb.-ft (190 Nm) of torque

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