2011 New Ford Mustang

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The NEW 2011 Ford Mustang would peek appear nearly such as 2010 model, however the 2011 Mustang.
2011 Mustang GT types may sport innovative engines after these people go on sale early for summer 2010.
A contemporary V6 comes standard on the 2011 Mustang. At the same time, the 2011 Mustang GT gets a new engine entirely. Power for both models is up considerably with no negative impact on fuel economy. Both engines can be purchased with either six- speed manual or six- speed automatic transmissions

The 2011 Mustang V6 with manual transmission will wear wider, more aggressive tires and wheels(both standard and optional) than the automatic and all get vented disc brakes and substantial antiroll bars at both ends. For 2011, a Performance package will be available for Mustang V6, including a shorter axle ratio(better acceleration) , GT suspension components and calibration with GT500 rear control arms, GT brakes with special pads, a strut tower brace, 19- inch wheels and sticky Pirelli tires, and multi- stage stability control. Given the V6’s weight advantage this should be the better- handling Mustang on winding public roads, tight racetracks and autocross courses.

The Mustang GT for 2011 gets a 5. – liter V8 that delivers 412 horsepower at 6500 rpm and 390 pound- feet of torque at 3800 rpm. This all- aluminum, 32- valve, dual- overhead cam V8 features all- new heads with Twin Independent Variable Cam Timing(Ti- VCT) . It is offered with a six- speed manual or six- speed automatic transmission. It replaces the outgoing 315- hp 4. 6- liter V8. Besides more power, the new 5. – liter V8 automatic gets better fuel economy. Ford is estimating EPA fuel economy ratings of 17 mpg city/25 mpg highway for the automatic, which is up from 23 mpg highway with the 4. 6- liter V8. With the manual transmission, Ford says EPA ratings will be 16/24 mpg, the same as the 4. 6.

The new 5. – liter V8 puts the 2011 Mustang GT just 14 horsepower behind a 6. 2- liter Camaro SS manual and roughly 40 horsepower ahead of the 5. 7- liter Dodge Challenger. However, for every engine package among the three cars, the Mustang is significantly lighter and has less weight for every horsepower to cart around. And we’ve found the Mustang offers the best handling and most enjoyable driving character of the three.

for 2011, Ford will recreate another name from past Mustang glory and produce racing versions with special seats, roll cage, brakes, suspension, called the Boss 302R($79,000) . These will be available for customers but may not be legal for street use. A further- prepped car for the Grand- Am series will be offered by $129,000.

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